Welcome to the movie review blog of an Indian pichchar aficionado!

Actor Govinda must really patent latkey-jhatkey I say. Also I think Allu Arjun is a better dancer than Ram Charan. Where is ‘Burning Star’ Sampoornesh Babu headed next? I once caught myself discussing such with a stranger I’d just met, who, I felt, desperately wanted to break into a conversation more satiating than film analysis. More of those followed, but how difficult can a film conversation really be? So one find day I woke up and felt adventurous enough to write those up and go find readership – how Sunny Said So transpired (first as a Blogspot), which then avatar’d into this WordPress site.

Folks who could care less about Govinda, Arjun, Charan or Sampu: Name, Place, Animal, Thing – remember this game from childhood? Me too. I have played the game too much; so guess there are a handful of non-filmy things also that I can talk about – on my other blog, Sandeepish.

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  • "What is reviews and all? Chaa!! Do you ever think outside films?" - if this is exactly what you are itching to ask, may I interest you in my other blog Sandeepish?