Actors: Akkineni Nagarjuna, Anushka, Priyamani, Brahmanandam, Pradeep Rawat Genre: Mass, Masala Rating: 2/5 Nag’s self-introduction all-through was “Ooru Kadapa, Nachhithe cheruku gada lekapothe ragada”. For those who still are not sure what to expect from this film, genre type above Mass and Masala should ring a bell. Without feeling the necessity to define the genre type, the plot of this film is … Continue reading

Manmadhan Ambu

Actors: Kamal Haasan, R Madhavan, Trisha Krishnan, Sangeetha Genre: Rom-com Rating: 3/5 Like most rom-coms Manmadhan Ambu does not hold many surprises, no doubt about that. Since story is not the USP, it’s anyone’s guess the focus elements would be the starcast (their performances), the screenplay and more importantly humour, given the genre. Based across different European travel … Continue reading


Actors: NTRJr., Kajal, Samantha, Prakash Raj, Srihari, Bramhanandam Genre: Family Drama/Comedy Rating: 3/5 Like his on-screen contemporaries he didn’t mince words while painting a self-portrait with a ‘City nunchi vachhadu soft gaa lover boy la kanipistunnadu anukuntunnaru emo; Character kottaga vundi ani try chesa, Lopala orginal alage vundi, danini bayatiki teste rachha raachhey’. This was NTR Junior’s way of hinting what to expect, not … Continue reading

Mahesh Khaleja

Actors: Mahesh Babu, Anushka Shetty, Prakash Raj Genre: Action-Comedy (Tollywood Masala) Rating: 2/5 ‘Evadu kodithe thimma tirigi brain block avuddho vaade Raju gaadu.’ Raju opined it’s the brain, while popular Pandu  (Pokiri) had always preferred the mind. Same thing really, you say? Well then, in context of this analogy there are no surprises with Mahesh Babu’s characterization, except one. He also played … Continue reading

Enthiran (The Robot)

Actors: Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Rai, Danny Denzongpa Genre: Sci-fi Rating: 4/5 Scene: Rajni as Dr. Vaseegaran introduces Chitti the Robot to an audience of scientists.  Scientist: Kadavul irukaara? (Does God exist?) Robot: Kadavul na yaaru? (Who is God?) Scientist: Namla ellam padaithavar Kadavul (We are all creations of God) Robot: Enna padaithavar Dr.Vaseegaran. Appo, kadavul irukaar (Dr. Vaseegaran created me. So, God exists) A thunderous applause … Continue reading

Komaram Puli

Actors: Pawan Kalyan, Nikesha Patel, Manoj Bajpai Genre: Action Drama Rating: 2/5 Paari po. Povaa? Nee karma. S J Suryah apparently also approached Bollywood actors before finalizing on Pawan Kalyan. Puli is once-in-a-decade type of a movie which has nothing good going for it, faces distinct hurdles and some shamefully late realization by the stakeholders that its not a good project … Continue reading


Actors: Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Arbaaz Khan, Sonu Sood Rating: 2.5/5 Genre: Bollywood Masala (Action Comedy) Before anything, Dabangg in Hindi means fearless. When you live in an Indian city, your might lies in your brain, unless of course you work for a bhai. Villages are a different ball game altogether (no pun intended). Or so they are made to be in desi cinema, where you … Continue reading

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